A different woman tromps all over a supine ma, barefoot, then puts shoes on and walks all over him again and gives him her shoe to lick clean Two men play the part of stair treads as two bare-naked blondes repeatedly ascend and descend a flight of stairs, stepping on the two guys, whom we ne Trampling Videos A girl stands in front of a bathroom mirror, primping ... but she is standing on a man, who groans but makes no complaint. She offers him her foot to
One of the women jumps from several steps up an adjacent stairway onto the man, waiting below. When the blonde and the brunette have had their fun wii mud sweat and spit A blonde in platform heels steps heavily on a man`s chest and gives him the heels to suck on. Then she takes off her shoes, leaving her mesh stockings Puss in stilettos stomps kinky dude
After telling her slave to lick each toe at a time, Mistress then tells him to Suck all those piggies at once and thrusts her entire foot in his mouth Secret trampling getaway in Brazil Pony boy licks dominas` feet before feeling their heavenly asses mount him Trampling Videos
Trampling Videos While she works on her computer, he massages her feet, but she turns around and pays attention when he starts licking and sucking her feet Trampling Video Lidia Love gets  slave boy Eric in chains and brutally punishes his cock and balls
A blonde, a brunette, and a brownette trample two different men, both with shoes on and barefooted, jumping on one man`s stomach, and giving him their Those super-high heels are perfect for digging into a man`s skin as the blonde Dominant treads hard and even offers her victim a heel to suck. But lat Lovely lady in black leather demolishes her slaves personality The cute blonde has a mean kick. She can easily raise her leg and foot to knee or kick the guy she`s with in the nuts. While kicking him, she insults
Shocking and stomping Sexy bitch Veronica Jett specializes in Cock abuse Lick the bottom of my foot, the suntanned brunette wearing denim cut-offs tells the lean man she`s trampling barefoot. And, when he does, she instruct A blonde in low-heeled chartreuse sandals threatens to crush her victim`s chest as she walks on him, and does a damn fine job of trying to make good o
Three girls with tights on their legs but bare crotches have fun stepping on and walking on a jeans-clad man, who moves his body and head and dislodge Submissive lad licks domina's boots and gets granted with some brutal trampling She walks and bounces on him and offers him her foot to suck Trampling Videos
A brunette tramples two men. Does it hurt? she asks one of them. In a good way, he replies. She talks to them about trampling and, at the end of the c Mistress Claire Adams makes slave boy scream She tramples him some more. Wouldn`t want to meet her in a dark alley Wearing shoes with semi-thick heels, she bounces on his chest and proffers her heels to be licked as her bearded victim tries to be stoic
Hell on balls Dahlia Denyle mercilessly attacks the genitals of her ball busting victim Sandra Romain fucks boy up the ass Trampling Video
Shot entirely from the man`s point of view, this clip lets us watch a mistress thrust her foot in the man`s face (an extreme camera close up) , wiggle foot bitchs fried balls A barefoot brunette walks up and down a man, stepping on his face, while holding onto a stair railing to keep her balance Lazy employee gets stomped and trampled by his horny boss before being allowed to lick her pussy

This archive of trampling movies focuses mainly on foot worshipping and rough footjobs - even though more brutal things like high heel trampling are also not that rare there. It is also famous for its cast as it features some of the hottest and the most brutal young footdom mistresses out there.


The stars of the trampling movies offered here are aware of the fact that their subs need to get it off every now and then. But touching their cocks? No way, the dommes will never do it! Instead, they will put their pathetic boy toys through shoe trampling and ball crushing trainings till they cum!


Femdom Trampling Movies Mary Jane`s boss suffers as she tramples him breathless and gives him her feet, both shod and stocking-clad, to suck Femdom Trampling Movies Lady with the face and body of a supermodel turns out to be a footsie domme
Mistress revards her obedient slave by a nice handjob You`re crushing me! he complains, but she continues to walk all over him Trampling Videos Two hot naked babes acting damn kinky taking advantage of a young boy
Trampling Videos Foot Videos Young brunette`s beautiful little toes getting serviced by a tender slave Femdom Trampling Movies
Trampling Movies Trampling Videos Whoever dreamed up the stunt in this clip is a fuckin` twisted genius. We see three girls, a guy, and a jumprope. In the traditional manner, two of th A brunette wearing only panties gazes into the bathroom mirror while standing on a man`s body as he lies on the cold bathroom tiled floor. She steps o
Balls and stocking feet Monica Mayhem looks so sweet as she hammers away at Eric Jovers swollen cock and balls Trampling Video 16 Femdom Images
Trampling Videos A blonde walks up and down a man`s chest despite his protests. Getting overheated, she removes her bra but continues marching up and down him Two luscious slim beauties take turns to trample their yelling slave before making him lick their toes clean Trampling Videos
Butt Man Stagliano Shoots Flower Tuccis and Dana DeArmonds Ass! Ballbusting Videos Trampling Video Sky Waters delivers wicked kicks to her slaves bruised and swollen man meat
Soldier girls train their male rookies till they can`t take it any longer Femdom Trampling Movies Lazy workers are not tolerated by this bossy lady v watch her dominate one Trampling a skilled carpet muncher
She stemps on him, and we get some great shots of her shoes, then more from the POV of the shoe licker... who becomes the barefoot licker Trampling Video Trampling Video Sexy Blonde Mistress Hayden delivers fierce kicks to her Slaves groin
Trampling Video More shrimping as the man sucks the woman`s toes Scared boy in cuffs gets flogged, trampled, and made to lick domina`s feet She tramples his chest and the side of his face as he lies there, trying to remain impassive

Face trampling movies that you can find at this site deserve being called outstanding at least because they feature real amateurs. Real guys- and girls-next-door that get it off on shoe trampling and worshipping dirty feet and evil femdom mistresses that use them as they please: Damn, that is hot!


Even though high heel trampling movies seem to be the main specialty of this site, it turns out to be offering its members a lot of more brutal scenes as well - on its pages you will see ball crushing vids, high heel trampling scenes ending up with the slaves' bodies totally bruised: It's a rough one!


A stocking-clad blonde walks up and down a man who is dressed and talks to him as she tramples him Clean my muddy socks Two women gang up on one man, tromping on his face, trampling his nuts, bouncing on his torso, and generally letting him feel their weight As the blonde jumps up and down on the man, he is required to count each jump ... and say Thank you for each one. She offers him her shoes to lick the
Mistress Anya, delivers relentless kicks and strikes to her plumbers junk Incomparable mistress Mary is going to show you her amazing feet right now Nice footjob for a trampled victim Trampling Movies
Trampling Videos She takess off her shoes and tramples and jumps on his scrawny chest and ribcage, then grinds her foot into his face. Finally we get to see her feet f A pudgy brunette practices her brand of shiatsu on a customer who isn`t at all happy with it as she walks on his chest but nonetheless licks her feet Aubry Adams punishes her clueless suitor after he sneaks up and jacks off on her cheerleading skirt
Trampling Movies Slave kisses babe`s clean-shaven pussy and then passes on to her sexy legs Strict dominatrix tramples slave with sharp heels and then forces to feet licking Femdom Trampling Movies
Trampling Video Lick my dirty feet, slave! orders Mistress, while trampling him. Shot from his POV, looking up at Mistress, raised feet first Blond Dynamo Melanie dishes out punishment with her black thigh high boots Trampling Video
Victory over the balls Trampling Videos Busty dominatrix gets her seductive feet attended to by nude young servant Mistress makes her male sub lick her new red latex boots and her pussy dry
Two gals join together in trampling their victim with high heels on their feet Trampling Movies Heidi Mayne crushes her slaves tiny prick under her high heel Wearing pink mesh hose and, at first, a pink feather boa (which she later discards), a blonde takes over a submissive male and shows him whose feet ar
A brunette tramples not only a man`s face and belly but also his cock Slave is required to lick the filthy soles of Mistress`s platform shoes, then suck the heels clean Jessicas principal tries to grope her and she retaliates with a hard kick tot he nuts Horny femdom bitches take a naked leashed slave out for a walk at the dump and humiliate and torture him there
Trampling Videos The man grimaces as the brunette grinds her foot into the side of his face, steps most heavily on his crotch, and gives him her bare toes to suck. Trampling Video Does it hurt? asks the blonde in the blue and acrylic platform heels as she tromps all over her victim. His groaned response sounds like a Yes!
A blonde goddess with suntanned legs bounces lightly on the oversized, hairy belly of a bearded dude. She is wearing strappy high-heeled shoes, and th Cum at my feet Now naked (and still barefoot), the Misstress jumps up and down on her victim some more and gives him her bare foot to suck on again. Her boss promises her a raise if she`ll let him up, but she continues to trample and stomp him, giving him her feet clad in reinforced stockings for h

Irina comes home with a friend to play with her worthless slave
Girls require some respect to their sexy feet and soles
Bossy blond uses her boy toy as a foot stand and makes him lick her toes
Dominatrix takes a ride on her pony boy`s back and makes him lick her feet
Ripped slave tenses his whole aching body while mistress is trampling him
Mistress with amazingly long legs allows her slave to lick her sweaty feet
Striking mistress reading magazine while the slave is kissing her beautiful feet
Humble guy gets cuffed to the bed in his sleep and trampled by a bossy lady
Shabby slave almost gets his cock squashed in his mistress`s tender hands
Horny slave worships his mistress`s legs but only gets humiliated in return
Blonde beauty tugs on her slave`s cock while fucking his face with her feet
Two beautiful mistresses in stockings are burning to humiliate their slave
Amazing mistresses with beautiful legs humiliate the helpless slave
Submissive dude gets trampled and made to lick his domina`s beautiful toes
Prurient blonde with amazing legs humiliating her stripped naughty slave
Striking mistress tramping male and then pisses into his wide open mouth
Helpless shaggy slave gets trampled by a leggy mistress wearing spike heels
Strict and pretty mistresses in sexy underwear teaching their naughty slave a lesson
Yana Dominates over her foot slave
Prurient blonde with amazing legs humiliating her stripped naughty slave
Cuckold licks his wife`s feet while she`s getting face-fucked by her lover
Mistress Anastasya is impressively sits on a sofa and smokes
Marianna allows to the slave to kiss her feet
Brutal mistress`s black boots turn into an object of worship for her slave
Violetta has decided to play with the slave in doggie
Exquisite tortures and humiliations by blonde beauty Irina
Nataly hears her favourite song and asks a guy to dance with her
Two charming Mistresses Lera and Tatyana
Cruel Mistress Tanya likes to torment and humiliate her slaves
Sub helps his domina put on her stockings and licks her high-heeled shoes
Katya has a boyfriend. He worships her feet and he likes to be a slave.
Passionate and charming Mistress Julia
Katherine's called a plumber to fix pipes in her kitchen
A hard whipping treatment turns young slave into much more eager toe licker
Plump domina gags her cute boy toy with her worn stockings and facesits him
Mistress Mariana comes to the slave lying on the floor
Fascinating babe demonstrating what`s hidden between her magnificent long legs
New slaves are already licking the bitches' feet thoroughly
This is a set for FootJobs and Stockings admirers
Mistress Julya and Young Mistress Dasha and their poor slave
Sveta (24y.o.) Mistress Sveta enjoys her power over her sex slave.
Sexy Mistresses Nastya and Olesya humiliate their slave and their girl slave
Bossy blond lady humiliates clumsy waiter and makes him lick her tired feet
Mistress tramples her nasty boy toy and sticks his head into a toilet pan
Ashtray boy lives through a trampling session under beautiful domme`s feet
The most sensitive parts of slave`s body hurt and burn under domme`s heels
Beautiful russian goddess Olga
Horny smoking mistresses force the submissive slaves to boot licking
Two bossy sluts armed with a flogger teach their boy toy to worship their feet
Blonde mistress drilling tight slave`s asshole with a hard rosy strapon
Pretty girls with sweet feet order the slave to lick every inch of their treasure
Flagellation and paddling prepare slave for a real severe trampling session
Boy kisses the feet of his Goddess with great pleasure
Nude servants made to clean their dominas` feet first thing in the morning
Curvy mistress squashes pony boy`s big balls and makes him worship her feet
Sexy Anna is playing with her slave's hard dick by her feet
Teens Katya and Julia torment their slave
Mistress Nastya is skilfully dominating over her slave and her girlslave
Mistresses Nataliya and Dariya
Strict ladies order their slave to suck heels before they start trampling his body

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